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Blanks hand-rolled and built in USA. Proprietary Steffen Bros Tapers, including unique ferrule tech. Heritage S-glass and Modern Classic graphite models available.


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Heritage Glass Restock

Steffen Bros Glass restock has landed. Many of our most popular blanks and fly rods are now in stock! Shop for yourself this holiday season ;) Or, stock up on blanks for those winter time fly rod builds!

Build your own fly rod!

Build your own fly rod! Whether you are a seasoned rod maker and just need blanks, or desire a full build kit. We have options for both. Nothing beats hooking up with a fish on a rod you built yourself!

👀 ALL NEW! 10' 7wt & 9' 8wt

Steffen Bros 10'0" 7wt fly rod & the 9'0 8wt fly rod. Fantastic, big fish fly rods, Salt ready. Adaptable, quick rod. Easily handles any 7wt line, and 8wt lines. Great for streamers, big nymph rigs, salt water duties. True steelhead, red fish, carp, salmon or bass sticks!


Born from obsession and built to hand down.

Since 1980 Steffen Brothers has invested thousands of hours in testing materials and zeroing in on the mathematical tapers, spigoted ferrules, and other signature features that drive performance. We build each rod by hand in the U.S. with American-made fiberglass, graphite, and components. 

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