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Steffen Bros

2/3wt dual line S2 Steffen Bros Glass

2/3wt dual line S2 Steffen Bros Glass

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Blue line and tight pools special! Hike in, catch fish, hike out. Take on the challenge of the terrain to chase finicky fish with the 2/3wt dual line S2 Steffen Bros Glass! Featuring progressive uni S2 glass on iconic fiberglass tapers, this rod is perfect for making perfect dry fly presentations and throwing tiny unweighted nymphs. Take your pick between the 6'0", 7'0", or 7'3" lengths to customize for your personal preference. A true specialist tool, and loads of fun! 


S2 Fiberglass

Proprietary uni-S2 fiberglass produced specifically for Steffen Bros. Mod-Progressive action, with tapers designed for unique power reserve. Our glass layup is naturally chestnut in color from our production process. This results in a super smooth action with lighter swing weight when compared to older fiberglass rods.


The heart of a Steffen Bros taper, is its unique layup and roll pattern. Each rod blank is hand-rolled on custom crafted forms. From light blue line stream use, to the Musky glass series, we are constantly experimenting with taper ratios to meet the needs of modern anglers! Elegant, yet fresh and exciting.

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American Craft

We're proud to keep every component of a Steffen Brothers Fly Rod made in the USA, just like it has been for the past 43 years. From the design process, to pencil sketching, hand-rolling blanks, and hand-winding threads --- every fly rod is crafted with love and artistry.