3/4wt dual line S2 Steffen Bros Glass

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The quintessential inland or mountain trout fly rod. Perfect for spring creeks or mountain streams. The 3/4wt dual line S2 Steffen Bros Glass, Featuring progressive uni S2 glass on iconic fiberglass tapers, this rod is perfect for making perfect dry fly presentations, throwing nymphs, or terrestrials. Take your pick between the 7'3", 7'9" or 8'0" lengths to customize for your personal preference. The perfect trout dry fly setup, but also, a blast to dominate your secret bream and bluegills spots! 

Two grip styles available. Add note in checkout is you desire the slide band with cigar grip. 

Rod length: 7'3"

The Steffen taper. Our most famous fly rod. The quintessential inland or mountain trout fly rod.

These rods have a very smooth and responsive action, excelling in any fishing condition I've come across for trout.

Customer from Idaho

I went with an 8ft 6/7wt and it's one of the first rods I've used that casts either line weights equally well. From terrestrials on long leaders and 6wt lines to 240gr full sinking lines. The rod does it all

Customer from Alabama

I've fished Steffen Brothers Fly Rods in a variety of situations across my home waters, and they epitomize American craftsmanship and beauty.

Custom rod builder

If I’m dry fly fishing I love to grab a 3/4wt glass rod, if I know I’ll be doing some nymph rigs I bring my 8’0” 4wt graphite Steffen, or if streamers are on the menu, I love to grab the gorgeous 9’0” 5wt graphite.

Customer from Ohio

Steffen Brothers Fly Rods, IMHO, makes the finest glass rods available. They buy proprietary fiberglass cloth, of course, but then they roll their own blanks on their own in-house mandrels. They are as fine as glass rods made. I own three of them.

Customer from Washington

This Steffen is very light in hand, it's not a fast rod by any means if comparing to fast graphite rods but it isn't some heavy wet noodle at all either. It has the perfect casting range for anything you would ever want to use it for.

Customer from Wisconsin

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American Craft

We're proud to keep every component of a Steffen Brothers Fly Rod made in the USA, just like it has been for the past 43 years. From the design process, to pencil sketching, hand-rolling blanks, and hand-winding threads --- every fly rod is crafted with love and artistry.