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Main Stem Series - 5wt IM6 Classic Graphite

Main Stem Series - 5wt IM6 Classic Graphite

Multi application + Pinpoint Precision

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IM6 Graphite

The 5wt gives you excellent presentation, pinpoint accuracy, and some extra stability you might need for casting larger bushy dries or weighted nymphs. Fantastic on technical waters where you may need to use more wiggle, hook and puddle casts, the extra beef in the butt makes these easier and more controlled. Windy days are no problem and even light saltwater work is well within the rod’s capabilities.

High quality un-sanded IM6 graphite blanks. These legendary blanks have the perfect balance of speed, performance, and fun factor! Multi-action 5WT, these rods are faster than glass rods, but still has a soul and feel when compared to the most modern broomsticks.

These rods feel fast in hand but will flex deep. Super fun rods that are 4pc & 6pc to pack down to travel anywhere. This is your next do-anything utility rod fly rod.


805-4 Punchy, lively dry fly taper for finicky trout
865-4 Extra stability, wiggle for technical waters
905-4 Classic all-around multi application taper
905-6 Classic all-around multi application taper


The new Steffen graphite, has taken the classic Steffen tapers and adapted them to modern IM6 graphite cloth and resin. This results in a super smooth progressive designs with lighter swing weight, more responsive feel, with a faster recovery.


The heart of the graphite series is the classic Steffen taper. It is such a joy to cast. Now, paired with the new material, it feels modern, almost timeless, classically elegant yet fresh and exciting. These new rods, and blanks set a new benchmark in the evolution of Steffen Brothers products.

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American Craft

We're proud to keep every component of a Steffen Brothers Fly Rod made in the USA, just like it has been for the past 43 years. From the design process, to pencil sketching, hand-rolling blanks, and hand-winding threads --- every fly rod is crafted with love and artistry.