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Steffen Brothers Fly Rods



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Don't call it a launch party! But... perhaps a reintroduction to Steffen Brothers fly rods. Beauty. Pines. Canyons. Tucked in the backdrop of the desert.  We are digging back into our brand roots and are exploring deep into the Arizona wilderness to chase Apache Trout & Brown Trout.

November 9-November 12

3-nights // 2.5 days of fishing

Option to add additional day of fishing before or after the trip!

White Mountains-AZ-000

What's included?

  • Welcome kit including; journal, hat, LS tshirt, and Arizona Fly Box
  • Welcome dinner
  • Tequila/or/whiskey tastings
  • 2x lodge cooked dinners
  • 2x on water lunches
  • 3x breakfasts with local roasted coffee
  • Fishing guides & local host
  • Guides will have terminal tackle and flies for local waters
  • Concierge to support travel schedule/arrivals+departures.
  • Optional; layover, add a day of Carp'n with a local fly shop.

Fly rods included

This trip includes 2x custom built Steffen Bros fly rods:

  1. Choice of 2/3 or 3/4wt glass rod
  2. 9'0 6wt im6 fly rod

Physical rigor

This trip will exclusively involve hiking and wade fishing. This way require 5-miles of wading/hiking stream side each day. We will also be between 7,000ft and 10,000ft of elevation.

Guides and terminal tackle will be provided by outfitters out of Phoenix Arizona.

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Fishing in the motherland with Steffen Brothers Fly Rods!

Beauty. Pines. Canyons. Tucked in the backdrop of the desert. Explore some truly sacred American territory, be inspired by those who have trudged these paths in the past, like Geronimo, Cochise, and Teddy Roosevelt to name a few, and leave with new zest & bravery for life+purpose. 

To be certain, This is no ordinary fishing trip. Hiking + Wade fishing. Get a taste for high mountain apache trout on the dry fly, Technical tight water on 3/4 Steffen glass rods… Explore some of the streams that inspired this iconic taper.. Then we will duck down off the mountain to the lower canyon rim to hunt 20" brown trout with 6wt streamers…. We like to call this the best of both worlds. 

Off the water. Hospitality will be provided by a certified chef who is also trout bitten. 3 square meals - locally inspired. Camp fires. Tequila, whiskey or other samplings for those practices sobriety. A healthy dose of SPACE to refill your mind and soul. Helpful prompts and a journal will be provided for your own musings. Bring a buddy, or meet new ones :) This special trip will be capped at 5x adventurers.


Pinetop, Arizona

Pinetop is the secret of the Southwest, at 7000 feet there are peaks to climb, rivers and lakes to fish. Located centrally between the White Mountains and the Canyon rim, means that we will get to chase more fish, From mountain stream Apache Trout, to canyon dwelling 20" brown trout! Our central hub will be the Corduroy Lodge, in Pinetop Arizona.

Custom rods

Conclave Specials

Included in your adventure, are 2x custom fly rods. These rods will feature custom wraps and builds from Graywolf rods. There wraps will be inspired by native Arizona apache trout, and they will be inscribed with the Conclave coordinates and serial # for a truly unique memento. These will truly be one of a kind rod builds!


Off the water

Off the water, the experience will be focussed around a theme of renewal. Hospitality will be provided by a certified chef who is also trout bitten. 3 square meals - locally inspired. Camp fires, Tequila/whiskey tastings or other samplings for those practices sobriety. A healthy dose of SPACE to refill your mind and soul. Helpful prompts and a journal will be provided for your own musings. Bring a buddy, or meet new ones :) This special trip will be capped at 5x adventurers.

Trip Details

What to expect

Chase trout and meet fellow anglers in the Arizona wilderness. This trip will require extended travel, and will be an exclusive hike and wade trip. No boats this time around. Dress in layers / warmly. We will have a local host and certified guides to show us the local sweet spots.

Food & drink

  • Thursday November 9th, happy hour & appetizers at the lodge
  • Welcome dinner - Thursday November 9th at local steakhouse
  • 3x breakfasts, made from scratch from the trip chef
  • 2x on water lunches
  • 2x 5-star dinners made from scratch from local ingredients
  • Ample snacks and beverages will be provided.
  • Our trip concierge will contact you with any dietary considerations before setting the final menu


  • Out of state travelers can fly into Phoenix, AZ or Pinetop, AZ.
  • Phoenix to Pinetop is a 3hr drive. It is through beautiful country, and we will coordinate a self-guided bonus fishing excursion for those flying into Phoenix to break this drive up!
  • We recommend an AM arrival on November 9th.
  • Our trip concierge can help arrange schedules and carpooling from Phoenix to Pinetop.
  • If you fly into Pinetop, it is a 15minute drive to the lodge. We can coordinate shuttle services.

Packing list

At nearly 8000' elevation, you could experience all 4 seasons in a single day! Packing correctly will enhance your enjoyment:

  • Layers! (Please avoid cotton)
  • November can get chilly at night!
  • Rain jacket, fully waterproof
  • Polarized sunglasses are absolutely essential for eye protection as well as for spotting fish
  • Long Johns for colder weather or shorts for warmer weather. Waders can be difficult to put on over jeans, and jeans can be uncomfortably clammy under waders
  • Heavy Socks to wear under waders in any conditions
  • Hat, wide-brimmed, for sun and eye protection.
  • Personal care items such as insect repellent, sunscreen 20+, tissues, etc…
  • Spare corrective eyewear, glasses, or contacts
  • Camera
  • Books and other reading materials
  • Compact binoculars or Starnoculars
  • Bandana

NON-FISHING ATTIRE: The Corduroy lodge and cabin settings are very casual and no special attire is necessary for meals. Blue jeans, khakis, shorts, casual shirts, fishing shirts are all common. Also, we'll remind you to drink a lot of water…even before you get thirsty. Your guide will have plenty of water available. Staying hydrated will reduce headaches caused by our high elevation and dry climate.

Local host

  • Corduroy Lodge, Pinetop Arizona

What's not included?

  • Anglers are responsible for there own airfare
  • Anglers are responsible for any extended stay costs or layover hotel needs. This could apply to November 8th or November 12 evenings. Our concierge can support any planning needs.
  • If desired, anglers can rent there own cars.
  • We will have an optional shuttle available and will work to coordinate flights to ensure this option is available if desired. this may require some flight coordination.

Gear recommendations

This trip includes 2x custom fly rods! Bring your favorite 3/4wt reel and line. Also bring a reel for 6wt line. If you need a loaner reel for the trip just message us!

While we have and are happy to provide all gear, if you choose to bring your own, we would recommend having rods from 7’6” to 9’0” in weights from 3wt to 6wt. If you want to stay over a day in Phoenix, we can arrange an extra day for Carp'n ;) (7wt rod).

Neoprene skims, or waders will be necessary in the spring and fall, and wet wading is standard practice mid-summer. Most of the time waist high waders are fine but chest highs will provide a little more warmth for crisp mornings. We can arrange wader rentals as needed to alleviate packing for flights!