Very light in Hand, Not a Heavy Wet Noodle!

"I have not owned a lot of fiberglass rods in my lifetime, but I will say this Steffen was more accurate and definitely a faster recovering blank than the Kabuto 8' 5wt glass rod that I purchased about the same time and the Kabuto was not a bad rod at all.

This Steffen is very light in hand, it's not a fast rod by any means if comparing to fast graphite rods but it isn't some heavy wet noodle at all either. It has the perfect casting range for anything you would ever want to use it for regarding walk & wade Trout fishing and if you live anywhere that has small to mid-sized rivers and larger fish, this is the stick for you.

I will say this with 100% confidence, this rods craftsmanship and attention to detail is far superior to that of anything you can buy in most fly shops these days, simply stunning."

George, Michigan

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