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Streamer Series - 7wt IM6 Classic Graphite

Streamer Series - 7wt IM6 Classic Graphite

Streamer + Finesse

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Reel Seat


IM6 Graphite

The 9’ 7wt, tuned for streamers, mousing, bass bugs and medium/light saltwater work, this is a powerful rod, with superb tip control for making those articulated streamers swim, capable of punching a sink tip through the air or turning over a large bug when chasing Bass in snaggy water. Ideal for sight fishing Carp, the presentation is superb, so if you need to suddenly change to a small dry, you won’t feel over gunned. Equally at home on the Flats, chasing bones when you need to place a crazy Charlie in the right path while dealing with 20kts of wind. A precision tool for those chasing the Dream.


907-4 no fighting butt
907-4 w/ fighting butt
907-6 w/ fighting butt


The new Steffen graphite, has taken the classic Steffen tapers and adapted them to modern IM6 graphite cloth and resin. This results in a super smooth progressive designs with lighter swing weight, more responsive feel, with a faster recovery.


The heart of the graphite series is the classic Steffen taper. It is such a joy to cast. Now, paired with the new material, it feels modern, almost timeless, classically elegant yet fresh and exciting. These new rods, and blanks set a new benchmark in the evolution of Steffen Brothers products.

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American Craft

We're proud to keep every component of a Steffen Brothers Fly Rod made in the USA, just like it has been for the past 43 years. From the design process, to pencil sketching, hand-rolling blanks, and hand-winding threads --- every fly rod is crafted with love and artistry.