Limited Release - 10'0 7wt Modern Classic Graphite

Sale price$800.00

The 10’ 7wt, tuned for steelhead and other big fresh water migratory fish. Spectacular reach for line control, or even for pin-reel fishing. Complete package is also very capable for medium/light saltwater work!  This is a powerful rod, with superb tip control for making those steelhead streamers swim, or controlled nymph drifts. Capable of punching a sink tip through the air or turning over a large flies. Ideal for sight fishing Carp, the presentation is superb, so if you need to suddenly change to a small dry, you won’t feel over gunned. Equally at home on the Flats, chasing bones when you need to place a crazy Charlie in the right path while dealing with 20kts of wind. A precision tool for those chasing the Dream.

Length: 10'0"
Reel Seat: Salt safe - Brushed Stainless
Pieces: 4-piece (30" rod tube)

True to weight 7wt fly rod, 190grain-200 grain, with reserve power in the butt and nice finesses in the tip.

I will say this with 100% confidence, these rods craftsmanship and attention to detail is far superior to that of anything you can buy in most fly shops these days, simply stunning.

Customer from Colorado

Your 7wt is great!  I can’t believe how smooth and accurate the delivery is.  What fun!

Customer from Texas

My Steffen Bros rod is my favorite trout rod now. Even replaced my expensive Winston rod. It is light, powerful and has the pleasure of grace when catching a fish. I often praise it to others and believe that Steffen Brother's brand will have a bright future

Customer from Japan

A true medium-fast action, a deep flex profile, a sensitive tip to protect light tippet, elegant presentation, and a backbone to fight larger fish all combine to make the new Steffen Bros rods a truly impressive tool

Customer from Ohio

When I worked at a fly shop, I loved to bring in the rods that I built to show to my co-workers or to nail down the best fly line. Steffen Bros rods were always the favorite among the guys.

Rod builder from Michigan

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American Craft

We're proud to keep every component of a Steffen Brothers Fly Rod made in the USA, just like it has been for the past 43 years. From the design process, to pencil sketching, hand-rolling blanks, and hand-winding threads --- every fly rod is crafted with love and artistry.