406 fly line

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406 Fly lines. Bringing back classic lines! Fantastic pairing with any of our Steffen Bros offerings! 

Crafted with simplicity as its focus, the Vintage Series includes two distinct fly lines—a double taper and a weight forward—to meet a range of anglers' needs. The DT line is ideal for subtle, precise dry fly work, while the WF Line provides ample support for larger-sized flies.

DT lines

  •  2wt - 6wt

  • Perfect for all Steffen Bro's glass rods. We also love the DT with our IM6 graphite 4wt dry fly rod. 
WF Lines
  • 4wt - 7wt

  • Works great with Steffen Bro's graphite & Glass offerings
Taper: DT - Double taper (delicate activate full rod action)
Line weight: 6wt

The Perfect Pairings

Steffen Bros approved accessories and materials to complement our fly rods. We supply reels from: Perrin, VR Designs, Iwana, to Graywolf. We also rigorously test fly lines and grain weights on all our tapers. We carry: Cortland, 406 Fly lines, and Royal Wulff offerings.