Steffen Brothers Fly Rods

We're proud to keep every component of a Steffen Brothers Fly Rod made in the USA, just like it has been for the past 43 years. Pencil sketching, hand rolling blanks, hand winding threads - every fly rod is crafted with love and artistry. Plus, our S2 glass and IM6 graphite and carbon layups are unlike any other on the market!



Shane Gray

A true Michigan man, Shane is a full time rod builder, and fly fishing innovator. When he is not chasing the "perfect" build, or, the next greatest rod tech innovation, he chases trout, bass, steelhead and salmon.

Shane loves to talk with people about fly rods, and really enjoy the calls and emails from clients all over the world that enjoy fishing and catching fish with the rods he builds.


Andy Stiebler

Andy is a life-long angler, who has forged a profession in branding and eCommerce. Andy will be leading the efforts to grow the Steffen Brothers brand and invite folks into unique opportunities that will go beyond the fly rods. In a full circle moment, Andy was introduced to Shane Gray by Mark Steffen, when he was trying to purchase his first fiberglass rod! Ever since, he has collaborated with Shane on custom builds for anglers all over the USA. 

  • Steffen Brothers Fly Rods

    Nothing compares to a Steffen!

    + IM6 Graphite

    + S2 Steffen Fiberglass

    + Proprietary Steffen Bros Tapers

    + Blanks hand-rolled in USA