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When you hook that once-in-a-lifetime fish, you'll want one of our rods in your hand.

Made in USA 🇺🇸 Hand built to hand down 🫴🏻

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Born from obsession and built to hand down, these rods feel great in your hand. They fish even better. Put them to the test, and you’ll notice the unbelievable value. When you hook that once-in-a-lifetime fish, you want one of our rods in your hand. Nothing compares to a Steffen. And years from now, if your rod does need a repair, you know we’ll do the right thing. 

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I will say this with 100% confidence, these rods craftsmanship and attention to detail is far superior to that of anything you can buy in most fly shops these days, simply stunning. For me, a very natural feel and intuitive casting profile.
I've fished Steffen Brothers Fly Rods in a variety of situations across my home waters, and they epitomize American craftsmanship and beauty.
My Steffen Bros rod is my favorite trout rod now. Even replaced my expensive Winston rod. It is light, powerful and has the pleasure of grace when catching a fish. I often praise it to others and believe that Steffen Brother brand will have a bright future
I went with an 8ft 6/7wt and it's one of the first rods I've used that casts either line weights equally well. From terrestrials on long leaders and 6wt lines to 240gr full sinking lines. The rod does it all
These rods have a very smooth and responsive action, excelling in any fishing condition I've come across for trout.

100% Heritage

Born out of obsession, built to last, durability, built to hand down.

Nothing compares to a Steffen

Handcrafted Fly Rods. Built in the USA.

Rolled & built in the USA. Designed to be a joy to cast. A special magic is created from the merging of elite taper designs with fantastic material layups. The results are a series of timeless rods, with an elegant yet fresh approach that puts more joy in your next fishing adventure! Get out there! 

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The Steffen Brothers brand means many things to many anglers. Carrying the torch forward, means that we will continue to produce amazing fishing gear that is earnest, noteworthy, and fun! From the very first launch day in 1980, to now, the Graywolf chapter of Steffen Brothers, we are dedicated to keep a pioneering spirit of this American-made brand alive. 

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